Discover 5 apps which are must have for a Guitarists. Below are some handpicked apps which are very popular in Android Market and a sure pick for a Musician.

Guitar – Virtual Guitar Pro  Special Spotlight

As the name suggest, Virtual Guitar Pro transforms your phone into a super cool guitar. It is one of the most feature-full guitar app and I would personally suggest all android users to try this out. Users will be very stunned to find out the possibility of this app, It doesn’t matter you are a guitarists or not, you can still play some melodious tunes and drool for your new hobby.

Some of it’s hot features :

  • Distortion – Touching the “distortion” button you get the distortion effect.
  • Shake to play !! – Shaking you phone will play the chords !!
  • Power Chords – It’s Rock time 
  • Free !!  – This app is absolutely free.
 Download Virtual guitar pro

Tuner gStrings 
[ Free ]
 Tuner gStrings is a  chromatic tuner application. It is a handy application which  allows users to tune guitars perfectly. This application also support other instruments like violin, viola, violoncello, bass,  piano and some wind instruments. An Add-free variant of this app is also available but for it you will need to loose up some bucks.

Download Tuner gStrings

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords  [Paid ] 

 If you are a guitarist, then you might be already familiar to Ultimate Guitar‘s website, it has the largest catalog of guitar tabs. Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords is mobile version of  the website. The Application have some extra features which are very useful and makes it convenient to browse tabs of your favorite Song


Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder is designed for high quality long-time sound recording with skipping relative silence. Smart Voice Recorder can be very handy when recording music for trial purposes, it automatically skips silent gaps which is indeed a very useful feature and the sound quality it offers is better then default sound recorder.



Mobile Metronome

Mobile Metronome is the best rated free metronome on Android Market. It is easy to use, robust and has everything any musician can ask from a metronome, being the best choice for any Android device.

With the above 5 apps, you are surely not to miss anything when you Jam with your friends/band. And it also gives you a cool reason to skip sometime and use your cellphone during practice.
If you feel I have missed something out there or have a good suggestion on article, then you can join the discussion below or leave us with your lovable comment.

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