Blogger is one of the world’s best-known blogging services, and no wonder why so many Professional Bloggers rely on it. Here are the top reasons to celebrate for being a blogger user.

1.  Completely  Free !!

Blogger is a Blogging Platform which is absolutely free, you don’t need to pay any Fees for hosting nor you need to pay any commission of your earning, It’s completely Free !!

2.  Owned by Google

In the year 2003, web giant Google bought Blogger which was originally owned by Pyra Labs. The Ownership of Google made a blogger more awesome. Now Blogs hosted on blogger are indexed within 24 hours, have better search rankings on, and eventually have a better website Traffic.

3.  Incredibly Easy

Blogger is incredibly easy to use. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge or computer skills to use That’s the reason millions of blogs are hosted on

4.  Customize as you want.

Blogs hosted on are fully customizable. Design your templates with HTML and CSS, even Java scripts can be added with few clicks. Make your posts look more beautiful with custom fonts, pictures, videos, colors, etc. With Blogger you can’t limit yourself …

5.  Integration with Google Services.

Since comes under the ownership of Google it is readily integrated with other Google services like Picasa, Adsense, Google+ and many more.

6.   Blog on the Go

Blog on the go with official blogger app for various platforms like Android, IOS, Windows 7 / 8, etc. With Blogger you can also schedule your posts to keep your blog on track of time.

7.   +41 Languages

Blogger is available on different languages like Hebrew, Persian, Bengali, and many more. Users can also use Right-to-Left formatting which is useful for Arabic and other languages

8.  Supports Plugins
Blogger never limits its users, blogs can be customized using Plugins and Gadgets. Users can pick from hundreds of blogger-made plugins or can even make one themselves.

With the above 8 reasons, you can always droll about choosing Blogger as a blogging platform. It will be always lovable if you leave us with you Valuable Reply on the post below.

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