Nobody likes a slow website, not even the search engines!
It is a commonly known fact to every SEO specialist that the Google (in fact any search engine) prioritizes the faster loading websites in precedence to slower loading websites. Search engines do so to improve the user experience, a website which takes 10 seconds to load will definitely turn off a person. Therefore, Fast = Better!

But, How are images related to SEO?

Well, Images take a take a large portion of your website content in size. The files such as HTML, CSS, JS do the real work, but they are teeny tiny sized, mostly in KBs.

Here is the breakdown of content size by type of my website

Holly Molly! The images take 68% of my website content by size.

How do I solve this issue and make my website load faster?

There are 2 simple ways to reduce image size
  • By Shrinking Image Dimensions, without reducing the quality, the same as cropping. This can be done using any photo editor, and you can even use Microsoft Paint!
  • Compressing Image, on the cost of quality. This can be achieved with any image compression tools.
There are many tools to Optimize your images online, you can try and choose the one which suits your needs and gets your job done. From my experience so far I have found an online optimizer ” Web Resizer ” which is quite good and easy to use
I have been using this tool since a while, and find it very useful due to it’s the functionality of compressing images to a high extent.
  • Supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats, with the maximum image size of 5MB.
  • You can set your desired image quality (in percentage) or compare the image at various quality settings.
  • Lets you crop, resize (image dimensions), sharpen, add a border, rotate and tint. You can adjust contrast, exposure and color saturation, and convert to monochrome as well.

Some Image optimizer worth giving a try

Suggestions for listing more Image optimizers are welcomed, So don’t forget to comment on your Favorite Image Optimizer

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